The two phase of Huizhou Xingda project is completed and put into production

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The two phase of Huizhou Xingda project is completed and put into production Boost Wuxi Xingda to become the largest EPS producer in the world.
The two phase of Huizhou Xingda project is completed and put into production
Boost Wuxi Xingda to become the largest EPS producer in the world.
Wuxi Xingda foam plastic new material Limited by Share Ltd adds new development engine. In June 25th, the two phase of Huizhou Xingda Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation, which not only meant that the annual output of the Huizhou company's polystyrene (EPS) increased to 360 thousand tons, but also increased the total annual output of the parent company Wuxi Xingda to 1 million 500 thousand tons, and made contribution to the largest production enterprise in the global EPS industry.
Hua Ruozhong, chairman of Xingda investment group, chairman of Wuxi Xingda company, general manager and President of Huizhou Xingda company, general manager Hua Xiaowei, deputy general manager Shen Yuping and Wang Liangzhong of the group, and the head of Huizhou company and more than 250 guests attended the completion and commissioning ceremony to witness the historic moment of the landmark significance of Wuxi in Xingda. 10 years ago, the world economic crisis began to erupt. Hua Ruozhong, the chairman of the group, saw the rising light industry packaging industry in southern China, and the vitality of EPS, and thought that new business opportunities were still pregnant at the time of the economic crisis. As a result, we chose to invest in the international famous Guangdong Dayawan Petrochemical area, and direct the raw materials of styrene to the factory by the adjacent CNOOC Shell Companies through the pipeline. In March 2008, the first phase of Huizhou Xingda EPS project with an annual output of 180 thousand tons was launched. It was put into production in July 2009.
In the past 8 years, the field of EPS application in China has extended from light industrial packaging to agricultural and e-commerce logistics packaging industry, extending from "building insulation" to "heat preservation, decoration, decoration integration", and even important projects. The upgrading of EPS applications is constantly creating new value and business opportunities. The total output of Huizhou Xingda has exceeded 1 million 600 thousand tons, but it still can't meet the market demand of the Pearl River Delta.
Last year, the recovery of the global economy was far less than expected, and the investment growth of domestic enterprises is still in the doldrums. Wuxi Xingda decided to invest 124 million yuan. On the basis of releasing the existing land, it launched the two phase project of Huizhou Xingda's annual output of 180 thousand tons EPS, and built it with a high standard. Now, after the two phase project of Huizhou is put into operation, it can increase sales by 2 billion yuan annually. Hua Ruozhong, the chairman of the group company, said in his speech that the people of Xingda have done more than 25 years of pioneering work and have gone through many unimaginable hardships. However, the Chinese nation's heroic spirit of "promoting national aspirations and letting Xingda take off" has been used to lead the development of China's EPS industry. The Xingda people always put the customer first in the first place, and take customers as our friends to provide the best service possible. At present, the EPS industry has been impacted by the big policy and the impact of the economic situation, and is facing a new test. But we firmly believe that our EPS industry colleagues are wise and strong, and will overcome difficulties and usher in a new development opportunity for EPS industry.
Hua Xiaowei, chairman and general manager of the company said in his speech that today's two phase of Huizhou's production will mean that the capacity of Huizhou's EPS will reach 360 thousand tons. At the same time, Xingda group's annual total capacity has reached 1 million 500 thousand tons, will be more capable of providing our users with sufficient materials and good services to boost the development of our customers and add a great fortune for you. Thank you, our friends, is your trust, let Huizhou Xingda have a smooth operation, and promote the two phase of the successful operation. In the future, we will do our best to live up to your expectations.
After the launching ceremony, the group held a thank you party. The reception is hosted by Wang Liangzhong, the deputy general manager of the group company.
Guest representatives, Ding Wanlin, director of the EPS special committee of China Plastic Association, general manager of the Ministry of Commerce of Shell Petrochemical Industries Co, Liang Huihua of Zhongshan Taiyuan packaging material company, chairman Mei Xiaojun of Wuxi Peking University building engineering company, and Yuan Guoqing, the director of Hangzhou square plastic machine Limited by Share Ltd, respectively, gave congratulations at the commissioning ceremony and the liquor conference. (Xing Xuan)

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